Germany Requires about 10,000 Doctors every year to employee in Health sectors and in Hospitals. Due to scarcity of Medical Doctors & Dentists, the German Health Sectors require foreign Non-EU Doctors to work in Health sector.

There are few requirements which the Doctors should fulfill to work in Germany with highest salary package.

  • Proficiency in German Language at least B2-C1 Level
  • Special Training for Health Profession
  • Observership / Internship in Germany


The Main requirement is Language proficiency ,we arrange language course for our Doctors in Germany University Language with a lowest Tuition fees . The doctors prepare themselves to reach appropriate language proficiency level
to work and get a legal license in Germany. The language course and Telc – Medizin exam preparation course arranged in Berlin, Dresden, Aachen, Munich, Dusseldorf, Hannover and many others part in Germany.


The medical Training is mandatory for the foreign doctors which is arranged by us to attend in clinics along with Observership . The doctors can be allowed to work after they receive Provisional License to Practice in Clinics.

MBBS Degree from Germany


This is a program specially designed for the international doctors, who are willing to work in Germany as a licensed doctors The language course designed for international doctors along with German for the doctors. The language level starts from A1.2-C1.2 Level of Intensive language course with 20 hrs. per week. B2 Level Doctors will start learning Deutsch fur Zahnarzt Program, which is a special training program for doctors.


Temporary Licence for Doctors to work in Germany to apply for license to Practice in Health sectors in German klinikum.

  • Patient care and Patient and doctor conversation
  • Medical Terminology
  • Prophylaxis
  • OPT Handle
  • Language course B2.1-C1.2
  • Internship in German private clinics


We prepare our doctors for Approbation exam preparation to get permanent work permitas a physician to work independently in Germany.
Basic Requirements to get Approbation:

  • Language proficiency C1 Level
  • Special Medical German Training Language course
  • Internship/Observership in Germany under senior Doctors .

With these above requirements Doctors are eligible to apply for Residency Examinationapplication. We prepare our dentists to get well preparation to face the examination for the Fachsprachenprufung.


1) Program fees
2) Documents preparation for Admission
3) Document Evaluation in Germany
4) German language preparation guidance
5) Invoice letter or Program letter from University
6) Accommodation letter
7) Accommodation for 1st month
8) Invitation letter
9) Visa Appointment assistance
10) Visa Interview Preparation
11)Airport pick up and Assistance in Germany
12)Complete Assistance in India
13) TRP Conversion
14)University Assistance
15)Placement test preparation

16) German CV preparation for job interview
17) Foreign exchange services
18) Provide assistance to make accurate decision
19) Provide insight of the country you choose
20) Letter of recommendation
21) Statement of purpose
22) Arrange safe travel
23) Immigration Clearance
24) Medical in Germany
25) Police Clearance
26) Temporary Employment Registration
27) Visa extension support
28) PR Assistance
29) Deficit letter from ministry of healthcare, Germany
30) Guidance for Jobs in Germany