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Germany is motherlands and holyland for Engineering with its high quality Technology. There is a challenging way to take admission in Germany. If you have completed your undergraduate engineering degree in Germany, then it is easy to take admission in Master in Germany. According to on-going information, more than 40% of international students are doing an engineering course. Engineering University in Germany has an unbeatable education system because of that it stands globally.

That’s why an international student always has the first choice to do MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany. Because Germany has forward-looking technology, and as a master degree holder, you will have an outstanding fast-moving career. But when its time to decide to do MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany, I know it is a difficult task.

Top 11 University in Germany for MS Mechanical Engineering

  • TU München
  • Tu Berlin
  • Frei University
  • Berlin
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • Stuttgart University
  • University of Munich
  • The technical
  • University of Darmstadt
  • Karlsruhe Technology
  • The University of TU Dresden

There above is a list of University where you can apply for MS in Mechanical Engineering and other Engeenering in Germany. But before admission, you have to do proper planning about the language. There are two options English taught program and German language program.

English taught program

English taught program is mainly design for international student. Because of the high involvement, it maintains a plan to attract the international community. For the English taught curriculum, you have to match the requirements.

German Language Program

This program is basically in the German language, and it is not only for a local student. An international student can also join the same program. But there is a need for a high-level experience of the German language.

So basically there are two types of University one is University of applied science and the University of Technology. University of technology will provide you with a doctorate. The education will be based on practical oriented. The master degree is for two semesters. The first semester will start in May and the second will in October.

There are various Job prospects where you can join after the completion of MS in Mechanical engineering. After successful completion of the master degree, you can participate as an Industrial Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, HVAC engineer, Automotive Engineer, Biotechnology Engineer, Automotive software engineer.


There is a low tuition fee in Germany University, and It depends on the type of University. The different University has a variable fee structure. There is no tuition fee in the state University, and Only you have to take care of the living expenses. But in a private university, you might need to pay tuition fee, but the charges will be minimal only.

Eligibility criteria

Mechanical Engineering is a discipline that applies engineering mathematics, material science, physics engineering principle to design, analyse, maintain and to manufacture the mechanical system. Germany is currently famous for its education system. Because it gives you more appropriate practical knowledge. But to take intake in Germany University, you have to fulfil the following criteria.

 Every University has some different eligibility criteria, but the essential principles are almost the same for both type of University. For a master degree in Germany, you have to complete the German equivalent Bachelor degree. That means you have to complete a bachelor in engineering from a recognised university. For state university, you need to have a high level of professional knowledge of the German language.

The scorecard of DSH and DAF is required to fulfil the criteria. For the English taught program, you have to appear in the TOEFL/IELTS test. And after getting a successful score, you can apply for the next step. There might require a basic knowledge of the German language.

Application process for MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany

There is the first step to check all the documents. Do proper preparation and apply for the test. After the test, you will have sufficient time for the visa process and collect all the material like purpose latter, recommendation letter and test scorecard. The most important, you have to make a block account. There you show a sufficient amount as financial proof.

Document required at the time of MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany

For admission in MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany,

1.Bachelor degree certificate from a recognised university

  1. Language proficiency

3.Letter of motivation

4.Grade Certificate

Once completion of the document process, it will go for translation as the German education system follows a standard level so, before intake, they want to match the qualification status. For admission in master, you need a bachelor degree from a recognised university.

But if not completed bachelor degree from a recognised university or you have a diploma degree then also you can take admission. But before that, you need to complete a one-year preparatory course. And after successful completion of the test, you can take admission in MS in Mechanical engineering in Germany. Contact the Europe Careers team to discuss about your career in Germany. we will help you from language Preparation, admission process , Accomodation upto Start your Studies.

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